Monday, March 02, 2015

Alligators, Birds, Mermaids, and other New Friends

Last Friday John and I made our annual visit to Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, home of mermaids.

Today, Mary, John, and I visited Homosassa Springs State Park. where we saw the usual stunning collection of birds and Lu the Hippo. The most amazing experience today was the sight of two alligators fighting, They were attempting to chomp on one another and when they missed the snapping of their jaws coming together was terrifying. Contact, however, was made and they drew blood. The alligators were. also emitting this loud guttural sound as they fought.
I managed to get this one action shot. After 10 minutes of grappling with one another both alligators slipped into the water and continued to attack one another.

Here are some of the beautiful birds. 

Temperature got into the 80's today so Lu wasn't to energetic.

We departed from the park around noon and drove to Inverness where we had lunch at the B & W Rexall Drug Store, home of the 88 cents breakfast. It feels like walking back into the 50's. 

 Mary had the $9.99 prime rib which came with her dessert, peach cobbler. Following lunch we visited this beautiful park where Mary read and John listened to his music.

 And I walked this wonderful trail.


Dewey said...

Hey, a fine and busy time. Amazing alligator photos. I've never seen them have any energy at all in winter.
Happy too that you sampled the Rexal Drug food and liked the ambiance. Oh, and John found a great looking gal at the weeki. Nice.

Chuck Schwartz said...

Dew, the alligator experience was amazing. I had never seen anything like it.