Friday, March 13, 2015

Flowers, and Birds, and Rhinos, Oh My!

OK, it is time to catch up on the adventures and photos from the last couple of weeks. March came in like a warm hug with temps in the 80's following a very cool, for Florida, February. We have attempted to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the Spring Sunshine.

The following pics are from another trip to the Wildlife Park and a morning walk at our local park.

On a Sunday afternoon we visited the Airport Flea Market where John had the opportunity to sing some "karaoke".
One morning, last week, John and I visited our favorite barbers and then walked in the local botanical gardens in Spring Hill. Flowers are just beginning to bloom.

One of our favorite annual events is the Weeki Wachee Swamp Festival held at Weeki Wachee State Park. Below are some of those competing to be named "Swamp Monster".

For our anniversary we traveled down to Tampa to visit the Zoo in the afternoon.

We were tired zoo visitors as we got in the car and drove to St. Petersburg to visit this huge book store. 
We had dinner in downtown St. Pete at an Irish Pub where we were able to sit outside enjoying the weather and delicious food. Mary and I had a German Beer from a brewery that has been in business since 1040! Following dinner we made our way to the beautiful Mahaffey Theatre. to see "The Sing Off Live" concert.  Four accapella groups performed in a very lively show.
Mary, John, and I were very tired "campers" as we arrived home shortly before midnight. It was a great day of celebration for our 48th wedding anniversary.

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Dewey said...

Gee. I didn't even know there were Germans in St. Pete n 1040. Good animal shots. Seems you had a good week while I was up North. Nice to hear some music with you folks yesterday. See ya for the baseball.