Wednesday, January 25, 2006

answered prayers

Youngest son, John, pictured above with his favorite musical artist, Billy Joel; underwent emergency surgery last Thursday to replace the valve in his vp shunt. This is the sixth revision of the shunt that John received shortly after birth. This young man's story is a testament to God's grace, human resolve, medical advances, the power of love and prayer. Weighing just an ounce over two pounds, hydrocephalic and afflicted with cerebral palsy, suffering a brain hemorrhage; the odds against John's survival were long indeed. But John has not only survived but thrived. He is now 19 year's old and has displayed great musical talent. He is an accomplished vocalist, plays keyboard and harmonica extraordinarily well and is also self-taught on guitar, drums, and accordion. When asked if he was ready to go into the operating room on Thursday evening, he replied; "Get-R- Done!" On Saturday evening, just 48 hours after surgery, he insisted in playing harmonica with our contemporary "Spirit Cafe" band. Each day of my life I am inspired by John's spirit and his commitment to living life to the fullest.

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