Monday, February 04, 2013

Transfiguration Sunday

Here is a reflection on the Transfiguration by John Aurelio that I really like. I love the descriptive language he uses as he brings his imagination to the story. I have had this in my files for awhile and no longer know where it was printed.

When they reached the mountaintop, Jesus with his arms extended was dancing and laughing and calling out to Elijah to carry him home. The wind was blowing and the dust he kicked up swirled around him like a great cloud. The sun blazed behind him so that they had to squint to see him.

"I have never seen him like this," Peter said to John.
"Nor I, isn't it wonderful?" John and James took Jesus by the hand and they circled and danced together.

"Master," Peter called to Jesus, "Let us never leave this place. Let's stay here forever. Let's set up our Galilee."
They set down to rest. The effort had exhausted all of them. They were still breathing heavily yet still relishing the magnificent moment.

"Master," Peter said again. "Why not stay here?" He tried not to look in the direction Jesus had set his gaze, south toward Jerusalem.
The sun was setting. It had been an extraordinary and eventful day. They were tired and happy. Jesus started toward Jerusalem. 
"There is one more mountain to climb," he said. "In Jerusalem".

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