Friday, March 24, 2006

Laptop withdrawal

I had to take my Toshiba laptop to the computer hospital. It has been "locking up" at the most inopportune times, like during a power point presentation. She, I think of the computer as female, has also been sporting a white vertical line on the screen and recently produced a high pitched screech when I turned her on. I have labeled the laptop as female because 1) I need her and desire her 2) She cooperates with me only to a certain point and 3) I appear smarter than I am when she helps me. I also feel lost without her. I keep going to the backpack to take her out to find that she is not there. I miss her terribly. So I have decided to run off with the most important female in my life, my spouse, for a few days. We will rest, enjoy each others' company, disengage from our hectic schedules and try not to think of deadlines, appointments, and sick computers.

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