Friday, February 03, 2006

just ducky

I took this photograph about a month ago in Collins Park, Saratoga Springs, NY just before this winter decided to go on hiatus. Since then we have had many days in the 50's. Very strange weather for January. Notice how confused these ducks appear to be. Maybe they had some inkling of what was to come? It appears that they are looking in all four directions. What are they searching for? A leader? A purpose? A safe haven? Now this fella made a different choice. He is striking out on his own. No mass confusion for him. Maybe he's the leader in search of the flock? Or maybe he just prefers to search on his own without the distraction of others. Which do you prefer? To be with the community even when the community is feeling lost? Or to be alone in your searching? I hope these ramblings about ducks don't drive you "quackers". I find direction in Leslie F. Brandt's reimagining of Psalm 121.

Where should I look for help in my need?

To majestic mountain peaks that probe our skies

or to giants of industry that clog our land?

To satellites that circle our world

or to computers that store our knowledge?

The answer to my problems

and the fulfillment of my needs

must come from God Himself,

from Him who created skies and mountains

and men and women (and ducks) to dwell in their midst.

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