Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sleeping on a futon in Vermont

There are days you can't ever forget. It doesn't mean that anything really startling has to happen. There you are in the midst of life, and one of those days comes rolling at you, and it is just like one of the magical days of childhood, like the first Monday after school is out. (John D. MacDonald in "The Empty Copper Sea)
The ideal vacation is when you can connect a few of those kind of days together. Our mid-winter vacation in Vermont has been such an experience. We have spent 4 days playing with grandchild Noah, wandering the streets of Montpelier, visiting a children's museum, shopping at a bakery store, and sleeping on a futon. On Thursday we had lunch at the Coffee Corner in Montpelier where I enjoyed a Belgian waffle with blackberries and whipped cream. Montpelier is the smallest state capital in the country and I have always enjoyed visiting. I especially appreciate the four bookstores within a block of each other. Friday we took an hour drive south to Norwich. After a brief stop at the King Arthur Flour-The Bakery Store we visited the Montshire Museum of Science. This was a "hands-on" and "kid-friendly" experience of blowing bubbles, making fog, being photographed by a "heat camera," and learning about ants and moose. It was an engaging time for the "kid" in all of us. Today, Saturday, a gentle snow has fallen since morning covering everything with about 4" of the beautiful white stuff. This morning I accompanied Noah and his parents to his music class where we sang and danced and played instruments with about a dozen other families. The leader had a fine voice as she played guitar and shared her enthusiasm with us.
Saturday evening we dined on catfish, salmon, and BBQ chicken with sides of spinach, potato salad, and corn bread at The River Run Restaurant in Plainfield. While there we met, Anne Clark, the Super Nanny of Vermont. Anne said she watched the television show and thought; "I can do that" and so she does. Each evening we kiss Noah goodnight, play cards, read, then crawl back onto the futon following another day that I will always remember.

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