Friday, February 05, 2016

Betty Boop, Biking, and Stumpy the Gator

We experienced a fine Florida afternoon. Bright sunshine and 60 degrees. We met Dewey and Elizabeth at the Rexall Drugstore in Inverness, Florida. In the back of the store there is a classic 50’s style diner with good food at reasonable prices. Here are some pics from in the store and restaurant. 
 John as Uncle Sam
 Elizabeth and Mary
 John, I, and Dewey
 John with new girlfriend

Me with old girlfriend

Following lunch we went bike riding and walking on the Withlacoochee State Trail. 

Before leaving Inverness; Mary, John, and I walked the boardwalk at Cooter’s Park and sighted turtles and a very active alligator. 

Ahinga drying his wings
 A Cooter turtle
 Stumpy the alligator is missing right foot
We had to visit the local physician!

On the way home we stopped at our favorite fruit stand to buy some citrus and the very best orange juice.


Dewey said...

Nice Chuck. The photos are great. I'll steal some for Facebook. John in that hat is hilarious.

Elizabeth Reid said...

I love the picture of Mary and me.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a nice day. Great pics!

curtis03 Lewis said...

Thanks for sharing details here. I am a big time party freak and mostly attend dance parties and festivals at local party venues. I really want to attend some outdoor parties with my friends too but we all rarely get free time together.