Friday, April 10, 2015

No Place Like Home

Arrived home at 3 pm on Monday, April 6th, to the consequences of frozen pipes back in February.

  • There was a painter in my home office who almost had a heart attack when we surprised him by yelling, "Honey, we're home" when he thought he was in the house alone. All the furniture in the office was gathered in the middle of the room as he worked around it.
  • Mary's sewing room was filled with everything from the hall closet, bathroom, and office which had been removed to dry rooms out and do repairs.
  • All the clothes from our bedroom closet were piled on our bed so that plumber could work on pipes.
  • Downstairs bathroom torn apart for renovations with toilet laying on its' side.
Welcome Home!

I immediately went to work in master bedroom and soon had clothes hung in closet and painter helped me re-install closet doors and door to bedroom. We also swept and organized kitchen which had some linoleum removed from floor.

On Tuesday I gathered boxes from neighborhood stores and packed up all my books from the office. Carried bookshelves to garage. Took apart computer desk and carried to garage. Office/den now painted and ready for new carpet. We also continued unpacking. Downstairs bathroom painted and put back together,

All of Mary's clothes which had gotten wet were returned from the cleaners. Most clothes were bagged and on hangers. Other clothes and items are in boxes. I boxed up misc. items from office that were piled in Mary's sewing room. Mary and I met with floor covering guy at his store in Mechanicville. We picked out the vinyl for hallway and kitchen and carpet for office/den.  In the afternoon Suzi picked up Mary and John and they went to Suzi's home for supper with the grandchildren. Sarah stopped by to visit and then went with me to have supper with the Organic Faith gang.

Thursday I took a break from the house chores to write a sermon for Sunday when I will preach at St. Andrew in Glens Falls. In afternoon I watched the Mets play Washington.

On Friday Mary went to Albany to file taxes. I stayed home to meet with the floor covering guy. We tore up a small piece of kitchen linoleum to test how difficult it would be to remove. It came up easily and we discovered that the floor was wet underneath. We decided to remove all of the linoleum so the floor would dry out. It was very wet and we fear there may be some mold. I put window fans to work and Mary contacted Quick Response, QR will come tomorrow morning with the big industrial fans and check for mold. It is much drier now then it was so we are hopeful it will be ok. New floor coverings will not be installed until mid May.

Tonight I am watching the Mets take on Atlanta. So far this year they have been fun to watch. Maybe this will be their first good year since I retired and can watch the games.


Sarah said...

Happy to have you home.

Sarah said...

Happy to have you home.

Dewey said...

Ahh. Sorry it is all such a struggle. One day at a time. One bit of repair after another. thinking of you as we pack.