Saturday, April 04, 2015

Missing "Mud" Already

Day two traveling north was very pleasant. Clear skies and sunshine with the temp dropping as we head ever closer to home. When we stopped for lunch we noticed that 60 degrees in North Carolina felt a lot colder then 60 degrees in Florida. We departed from Waynesboro, Georgia around 9 am and drove through the remainder of that state and the Carolinas arriving in Virginia (is for lovers) mid-afternoon.
We are staying the night at a Sleep Inn in Dublin, Virginia. We are thinking a lot about our time in Weeki Wachee, Florida and how much we love the rental we stay at. The owners call the property "Camp Mud" and we appreciate all the things that make it a unique property. Here are some pics that I took on our last day there.
view of house from street
 view from canal side
 view from side yard
Beautiful cactus with our car in background
 Tool shed

Tire swing
 Camp fire circle with canal in background

 Our picnic area overlooking canal which runs into the Mud River which leads to the Gulf

 Our Tiki Bar
 Yes, we occasionally see manatee in the canal
 mail box

Until next year!


Dewey said...

Good post but many of the photos did not appear on my computer. Seems your trip is going well. I guess that snow report from home was a joke. I got snagged.

Dewey said...

Oh, nevermind. I refreshed and they all showed up.