Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunshine, Strawberry, and Song

This weekend weather and activities are the reason we enjoy our annual sabbatical in Florida so much. Each day began cold, in the 30's, then with clear skies the sun warmed us up to 70 degrees.

On Saturday we walked at TomVarn Park in Brooksville. It is a beautiful town park with winding paved paths under trees draped with Spanish moss.
 John on his sunshine walk
 This old man with his walking stick
John and Mary

Following our walk we took a short drive to a pick your own strawberry farm. Over 17 acres of strawberries was available to us and we picked a full pail. Cost? $7.00.
 Mary and John picking strawberries

Our harvest for the day

Sunday morning we attended early church then traveled to the nearby "Olive Grove" for an outdoor concert with "The Kingston Trio". The opening act, Amber Lynn Nicol, is a fine singer-songwriter.

The fellas who make up the present "Kingston Trio" have fine voices, are very talented musicians, and their harmonies were stunning. The group has a 57 year history and  the present members have been part of the group for 30 plus years. They sang many of my old favorites including; "Tom Dooley", "The Wreck of the John B.", "Where Have All The Flowers Gone", "Worried Man", and "M. T. A.. It was a wonderful three hours of beautiful music in the warm sunshine.
 Amber Lynn Nicol
 The Kingston Trio

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Dewey said...

Nice photos. I can't seem to get to my blog yet. Some of the boys off for home.
We had some strawberries, but not like these.
We listened to some old music too, but not live.
Keep having fun.