Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Storms and Rainbows

First of all thank you, thank you to those who continue to check this blog, who have patiently waited, who have encouraged and even harassed me to post again. Thank you! I plan to post an update later today of all that has transpired the past month. For now, a reflection on rainbows.

Yesterday we experienced heat, humidity, and severe storms and the weatherman kept reporting that the conditions were right for tornadoes, which of course, are very rare in our area of Upstate New York. It also occurred to me, as I observed these storms popping up and then rapidly moving on, that it was also the perfect conditions for rainbows.
Isn't that just like life. When we are going through the most difficult storms in life....that is exactly when the conditions are right for signs of God's promise and presence...Rainbows. These rainbows take many forms when we are buffeted by the winds and rain of disappointment and despair. A kind word, an encouraging e-mail, an invitation to have a cup of coffee and talk. Yesterdays unsettled weather was a reminder to me to always look for the rainbows in the midst of the storms.

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