Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Day Bandit

We are experiencing a gentle snowfall this morning. Flakes like feathers creating a blanket of white on the ground. This weekend we visited Barre, VT. to visit Josh, Elizabeth, and grandson, Noah. They have over two feet of snow on the ground with snowbanks five foothigh making every intersection crossing a high risk challenge. Sunday morning the temp was 1. In Montpelier, the Valentine Bandit had struck again bringing warmth and smile to the hearts of the residents.
Every year this mysterious incident takes place as residents of the capitol city wake up on Valentine's Day to a blizzard of hearts posted throughout the town. Many of the hearts were still visible on Saturday. To learn more about this unusual tradition click here. We drove home in a light rain and 50 degrees. We leave later this week for Florida and 80 degrees. How wonderful to be able to experience such extremes within a week.

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