Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Good Old Summertime!

Summer means happy times and good sunshine. Brian Wilson

It has been a good summer with happy times spent with children and grandchildren. Here are some memories of Summer 2015. 
 A trip to Vermont in May to visit Josh and family.
 The swimming hole in Waitsfield.
 Noah and Clara.
 Fishing at Blueberry Lake.
Clara with Uncle John
 Todd and Sawyer accompanied me to the Eve of Destruction 
We watched a snowplow crash into a school bus
 Suzi, Jacob, Jena, Carla, Ted, and I attended dedication of flag mural 
in Warrensburg.
 This is the artist's car.
 In late July Mary and I did an overnight in Vermont.
I loved these flowers.
We had lunch next to the Odyssey Book Shop and
then spent a couple of hours browsing. 
 Attended a HUGE antique market where I 
spotted these ugly lamps. Brimfield, MA

Buttons and buttons
 wooden baskets
 On July 15th John sang the National Anthem at
a Valleycats baseball game. The theme
was Christmas in July.

 Players preparing for the game.
 Elizabeth and Grandson, Casey, with our family on the 
field before the game.
John singing the anthem.

 On Sunday, July 19th, we drove to Prospect Park in Brooklyn to attend John's biological family reunion.

 Aunt Yvette
 Uncle Tyrone
Aunt Rochelle 
 Uncle Dougie
 Aunt Elizabeth
The Chefs
John and his tiny cousin
 I purchased a new tent and on a rainy night; Jake, Jena, and
I camped on the porch.
 The next morning we went fishing at Round Lake
On the first weekend in August we came together for
our annual visit to Diamond Point. Below are the grandchildren who 
were there that day.
 And the children
The whole gang.
On August 6th we drove to Burlington, VT to attend
Garrison Keillor's Farewell Tour. (below)

 We then traveled to Waitsfield to help Noah sell his
Fizzy Maple Lemonade at the Vermont
Music Festival. Cousin jake also helped. (above)
In the evening they lit a huge bonfire. 
 Then we all participated as they released scores of lanterns.

Spotted this butterfly in our front yard!
 On the last day of August we were taking Jake and Jena out for
ice cream when we spotted this hot air balloon off in the distance.
 We followed it as it began to descend.

 Landing in these folks back yard.


Dewey said...

These are a great summary collection of the summer. We have had grand weather for being outdoors. I celebrate with you all your good times. Nice to see a bluegill in some of them.

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Elizabeth Reid said...