Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

I believe in Christmas.

I believe that God continues to work in my life today through this story of Christ's birth so long ago.

I am a shepherd, startled to hear the good news of the angels, but eager to go and see for myself.

I am Mary, aware that somehow God is using me to accomplish things to big for me to imagine.

I am Joseph, not understanding fully that which God calls me to do, but following as fatihfully as I can.

I am the innkeeper, busy and frazzeld, but making some room, somehow, for God to be born.

I am the Wisemen, on a journey of discovery, bearing my gift to be given to glorify God.

And Yes, I am the angel, proclaiming in my own life, the glorious good news that God has come into the world and we shall never be the same.

I believe in Christmas and with my life, today and throughout the year to come, I will proclaim that Christ is born, that Chrismas is here, that God is with us!

(written by Peter K. Perry, Prescott United Methodist Church; Orescott, AZ)

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