Sunday, December 21, 2008

The 12 Days Before Christmas

On the 12th day before Christmas freezing rain coated the trees, the power lines, and everything else. The area experienced widespread power outages and we were dark for three days. We are fortunate to have a wood stove for heat and a gas stove for cooking as we ate and read by candlelight.On the 11th day before Christmas we found a restaurant that was open and had power so we gathered to celebrate granddaughter, Jena's, 2nd birthday.On the 6th day before Christmas we experienced a snow storm that brought us 9 inches of snow. We drove in a blinding snow storm to the Troy Music Hall to attend a concert by "Sweet Honey in the Rock". Their sweet harmony and soaring spirits made the journey well worth it.
On this, the 4th day before Christmas we received another 6" of snow. More predicted for Wednesday. It will indeed be a White Christmas here. Click here to experience Bing Crosby creating this enduring carol. I get a kick out of Bing's whistling!

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