Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A New Season

Opening day of baseball.....a day filled with optomism for all fans no matter what team they root for. Everything is even and anything can be imagined. And if you win the first game....as my beloved Mets did.....then, O My! But there is the memory of the September collapse of last year and the year before when our dreams turned to ashes. William C. Rhoden in his commentary titled; Anxiety of being Mets Fan, suggests. "........the baseball fans of America are united by hope. Except in New York, where Mets fans bravely face a new season with optomism and dread." And "On a day usually reserved for declarations of joy and optomism, Mets fans watch and worry."In this season of new birth with the good news of Easter still ringing in my ears, with my tulips and crocuses poking up through the melting snow, and with the sighting of two robins today......I've made the decision to live in Hope. Hope that Santana will make the difference as he and Pedro Martinez become the greatest 1-2 punch in pitching. Hope that this last year at Shea will be one for the ages. Hope that I will even attend a game for the first time. GO METS!!!!!!

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