Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cars and Fish

This spring I enrolled in three eight week classes through The Academy for Learning in Retirement in Saratoga. The Academy is sponsored by Empire State College and Elder Hostel and is an opportunity for us older students to continue life-long learning. I was able to take two fantastic art classes that introduced me to the world of contemporary art and gave me the opportunity to try my hand at drawing. The instructors were very knowledgable, enthusiastic, and patient. My third class was an opportunity to explore and learn about the exhibits at The Saratoga Automobile Museum. This museum is a wonderful local treasure filled with fine examples of classic automobiles and and auto racing in New York State. The semester concluded with the opportunity to ride in a 1930's Pierce Arrow and a 1951 Allard Race car. Here are some photos.
Last week I achieved one of my retirement goals by going fishing with Poker Bluegill. We have been talking about this for 10 years and I was finally able to take him to my secret Adirondack Lake. We caught 25 pumpkinseeds and 6 bass. It was a beautiful day on the lake with a great friend. Here's Poker Bluegill with his bass.

And here I am with mine. I think mine is bigger!

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