Monday, May 28, 2007


I returned yesterday from a week long road trip to Nashville, Tennessee with friend Karl. We arrived in the city on Monday afternoon and immediately hit South Broadway where the Honky Tonks host live music all day and night and all the musicians work for tips. Had a grilled cheese sandwich and a beer at Robert's Western World where they sell beer and boots and are known as the "home of traditional country music". Dave Cox played "only songs that were written before I was born" or original material. Notice the "tip jar" to the left of the stage. All of the musicians who entertain on South Broadway work for "tips" only. This is called "starting on the ground floor" of the country music business.During the week we also stopped in at Tootsie's World Famous Orchid Lounge, The Stage, and The Wildhorse Saloon but kept coming back to Robert's for the best time. Best original song I heard was a song about an ex girl friend titled "I Thought You Were My Girl But It Was Just My Turn". On Thursday afternoon we toured the Country Music Hall of Fame and on Friday attended The Grand Old Opry.
We were in Nashville to attend a "Transformational Preaching" conference that presented 17 powerful speakers including Barbara Brown Taylor, Fred Craddock, Thomas Long, James Forbes, and Will Campbell. We were also entertained and inspired by Sweet Honey in the Rock. It was a great week of learning, fun, and seeing old friends.

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