Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Keeping All The Balls in the Air

My life, at times, feels like a juggling act. There are more balls in the air then I have the ability to juggle. I only have two hands, one brain, 24 hours a day, and limited patience with myself and others. The stress of keeping all the balls moving in a pattern that doesn't result in catastrophe is intense.
Watch this video of young juggler, Vova Galchenko.
Click Here. Notice the concentration, watch his eyes, see the joy on his face. Pay attention and you will see the secret to great juggling. It's about letting go. Vova can only catch the next ball if he lets go of the one that he is holding.
Ah, letting go. Trusting the process. Vova is always looking up, watching the beautiful pattern that is being created. He doesn't focus on his hands, on the catching and grabbing and holding on; his attention is on the letting go and the rhythm that results.
We don't juggle alone. That is the divine promise. Jesus taught a lot about holding on and letting go and said, "Trust in the Father and also, trust in me." Keep juggling!

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